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My life goal!

My life goal!

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This is perfect and what I look forward to

This. I did all of this last weekend (minus the showering) while visiting him and it was perfect. It’s killing me to be back here now.

Seanut Butter
  • Boyfriend:I have chili, Ramen, mac and cheese, seanut butter...
  • Me:Is that a reference to Spongebob? It better be a reference to Spongebob.
  • Boyfriend:They have seanut BRITTLE, not seanut butter. Get it straight!
  • Is there any doubt that he's the perfect man? :P
It’s About to Get Awesome

Heading up to Cambridge tomorrow to visit Boyfriend. ^_^ 

Thus begins Day 1 of my 21st birthday month!

The Hound and the Lightning Lord

This is the scene I’m most excited for in Season 3! (This, and another awesome scene that I won’t spoil.) My favorite Hound against Beric Dondarrion. 

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I love this character sigil!



I love this character sigil!

Finally getting some reading done

Despite the giant list of things I have to finish before going back to school, I kinda said screw-you to all of them and ended up reading Game of Thrones instead. And I finished it! 

The beauty of having the boxed set is that after I was done, I put it back on the shelf and immediately picked up A Clash of Kings. Well, maybe not immediately…tears may have been wiped up first, because damn, even though I knew what was going to happen, that was an emotional ending. 

Also, since getting into the book series, I’ve become a major SanSan shipper. I know, creepy creepy she’s underage creepy, but whatever they have going on, it’s got me hooked. I’ve been reading some of the fanfic out there and while some of them are just an excuse for porn, there are a number that are deep and beautifully written (I guess the same could be said for any fandom).

Sansa has become one of my favorite point-of-view characters (second only to Tyrion the BAMF). I know there’s a lot of Sansa hate out there, but I find her strangely relatable, and I can already tell she’s going to experience some amazing growth and become awesome in her own right. 

Any other ASOIAF/GOT fans out there? Who’s your favorite character?

I only feel the need to post about completely random things

Like the fact that I made my first salad dressing today. Balsamic vinaigrette! I know it’s not much of an achievement since it’s literally four ingredients that are just whisked together, but after a lifetime of buying premade salad dressings from the store, it’s like discovering the fucking wheel.

And also, the movie I watched tonight with my parents. Safety Not Guaranteed. I loved it. My parents hated it. I think I need to stop showing them indie movies because they just don’t get them. I thought it was a clever and well-written way to expand on what could easily have been a gimmick. Also, the Parks and Rec fan in me is girlcrushing on Aubrey Plaza, so that helped. The movie is on instant streaming on Netflix right now. Go watch it and tell me what you think!

I Love You, Vermont

You are the best, with your breathtaking snowy peaks and valleys, old-school diners, New England blacksmiths, and cozy cabins. Everything was beautiful, even the little moments in between. Driving down narrow roads through fields of white silence that seem to stretch on forever. Skiing all day and spending nights watching 80s ski movies in front of the fireplace. Never change, Vermont, and I’ll never forget the good times we shared. 

Love, Kat

End of an Era

I left my job for good today. It felt like breaking up with someone I love. As I was cleaning out my desk and looked around at the place I had loathed, loved, and all but lived in, knowing I’d probably never see it again…it made my heart hurt. I thought I knew clearly why I was leaving but today, I couldn’t for the life of me remember why.

Thoughts of “Oh God, what have I done?!” ran through my head at least once, as did “Is it too late to ask for my job back?”

Needless to say, it was a sad drive home. 

Luckily, Boyfriend and I are going skiing tomorrow, and I’m so grateful for the distraction. Prepping for a looong drive tomorrow—see you on the other side!

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